What Ive Done

Work: This summer I worked at a summer recreation camp for elementary school kids in my hometown. I was in charger of first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students going to different activities involving sports, games, and other events. The day ran similar to a normal school day for elementary school in terms of bringing the students from activity to activity. This gave me a lot of exposure to leadership skills and being responsible for groups of people. This work gave me valuable experience and opened new doors for me as a leader.


Volunteer work: The Cortland Men’s Club Lacrosse team participated in community service helping the residents of Homer, NY with their annual “Maple Fest“. My teammates and I helped make and serve pancakes to the community and helped out in other aspects of the festival. My team and I had a great time and we hope to be back again for another year at “Maple Fest”. Below is a picture of the Cortland Club Lacrosse team after the event.


Field Experience: I am part of the Sport Management program at SUNY Cortland. Part of this program is to work in the field and gain experience. As a Junior, I work at the home games for Cortland Women’s Soccer selling tickets and managing a cash box. I also worked as security for all home games. This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience actually working at a sporting event. SPM logoExamples of my Work:

  • Webpage: I published an article on “theredbeat.com” about my personal experience going to South Bend for a Notre Dame football game. This is my first published piece of work on website. I learned not only how to write a sports piece, but also how to properly align photos in my article, add GIFs, and much more. Check out my article, “A Trip to South Bend“.
  • Podcast: I created a podcast with a fellow classmate going over the New York Giants season. We learned how to record, edit, and publish a podcast. We used the software “Audacity ” to record and edit our podcast. Check out our Giants podcast here.
  • Video Project: A fellow classmate and I created a video project about a normal day for us as Sport Management majors. We learned about the different ways to shoot video and the various rules that go into a good film. We also learned how to edit our video on Adobe Premier software. You can find our video, “A Day in the Life of a Sport Management Major“, here.

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